Founded by Naveen Kumar, who has lost track of the various tattoos on his body, Irezumi was first started in Chennai in 2006. After establishing itself as Chennai’s best and biggest tattoo parlor, Irezumi has come to Bangalore.

Naveen Kumar along with Bharath Raj who is an entrepreneur and even a farmer both decided that Bangalore would be a great place for the next Irezumi considering the forward-thinking and daring crowd found here.

The teachers and tattoo artists from Irezumi come from all over the world, from Germany, Singapore, Australia and a whole lot of other countries. The artists themselves have studied in top tattoo academies from various countries as well.

The people here like having a good time and love what they do, though they are involved in a number of social causes, the favorite past time all around in getting behind a tattoo pen or even penning down and drawing new and improved custom tattoo designs. It really is a passion for the art that drives the founder and artists and even the very tattoo studio itself.

The sheer size of the tattoo studio itself that even teaches tattoo designing or tattooing clarifies the level of commitment to the art and standards required for a good, clean and responsible tattoo parlor.